March 11, 2014

nothings(FOREVER): A Expiration of Adolescence art show

Art Work by Carlton Anderson (
Happy Customers!!!
Heart Clothing by Carlton Anderson


 A big thanks to those able to make it to the nothings(FOREVER) art show!

I tried not to bombard you guys with all the pictures taken that night, ahaha. To view even  more photos, you can visit the Fancy Muffin Facebook page HERE! I held my first pop up shop for the  year for Fancy Muffin at an art show showcasing artwork done by my friends, the event was AMAZING. We had such a great turn out and I couldn't have been happier with the way things worked out. It was nice to meet amazing people and hear their sweet and encouraging words about Fancy Muffin. I am hoping to really do more vendor events, so look out, more pop up shops coming to a city near you ;)

I finally meet my blogger friend Jamara from Mind Mash! (Thanks for the support Jamara) Please check out her blog!!! We  have always talked about one day meeting each other, we both live in Baltimore, and lucky this art show provided a platform to make that happen! She is so cool and sweet, and funny and sooo gorgeous and the list go on and on. Shout out to her for letting me use some of her pictures from the event, haha ;)

I have one week until my muchly needed Spring Break begins, I'm sooo looking forward to that


February 23, 2014

Your Tights Rock

Vintage Dress & Belt |Thrift Store   Shoes |     Hat |F21      Back pack| Fancy Muffin

Hey guys! My first post for the New Year and many more to follow. I have a line up of blog post for you guys. Weekdays can be so busy for me, school seems to consume my life these days. 
This vintage dress is my absolute favorite dress in my closet, of course that will probably change a few post from now, haha. When I originally purchased it, it was a longer length but I hemmed the bottom for a shorter length. My mom got these AWESOME tights for me a while back, and when I say "a while back" I'm talking about high school. I came close many times to giving them away but I knew that one day it will have it's day. I finally got to wear them after years of gathering dusk in my dresser. Never give up on your precious clothing pieces.
I have made a few changes to my blog, including the blog name. Fancy Muffin has now carried over to my online store. I didn't want to mix up things between the site and my blog. Same content plus more just a different name, (Un)Spoken Language. Simply fashion is a silent killer and I pretty much murder the game when I set on the scene, just kidding, hahaha. (Un)Spoken Language derives from the idea that fashion is a silent language, you can communicate so much that represents you in your style and what you wear. 

Its been so cold lately, I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I am looking forward to Spring...? 


December 13, 2013


Fringe Jacket Jacket | Thrift Store     Dress | RiverIsland      Tights | H&M    Shoes & Hat | Thrift Store

Hey Guys! For those of you who still remember who I am...."IM BACKK!" I took a long break from blogging, intensionally. I felt like I was losing my jazz and my level of interest for blogging was decreasing, and usually that is a sign of a "bloggers block" for me. I love blogging so I knew it was time for a break I needed some time to get some juice back if you know what I mean. I am so glad to be back.
Next week is finals week, after that, I will be a free woman, this semester has gone by so fast. I'm so looking forward to break so I can focus on my online store, Fancy Muffin  and this lovely blog of mine, ahah. I should have another post up sometime next week. I got this lovely dress from River Island, I literally saw it and feel in love with it instantly. Anything tartan, I love! Trend or no trend, that is one of my favorite prints.
Stay blessed everyone, and remember "God's timing is the best timing"

NATURAL HAIR UPDATE: I've been natural now for 1 year and 4 months, "3 days 6 hours 24 minutes and a couple of seconds". I haven't relaxed my hair in 16 months and I couldn't be happier. The thickness of my hair at this moment is cray and I can't wait to do a update post on it sometime next month. I'm thinking about dying the top section of it a alphine dark green color :3 ** wheww scandalous** Talk to you all soon


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